I live in Denver and for years had ben doing basic manscaping-meaning that I would trim my pubic hair because of preference. As time went on I got bolder and started shaving-it did a great job but scared me to death! That’s when I started searching for waxing services in Denver devoted to males. Fortunately I came across Miranda Olinger, the waxing queen of downtown Denver!

When I first went in to Denver waxing it was to try waxing my back. While I didn’t have a great deal of hair I just felt more comfortable having my back waxed. It looked so clean and made me feel even better when being with my special lady. I also noticed that many of my swimming buddies not only had their backs waxed but their entire body! Miranda made me feel immediately at ease and the compliments came from my lady.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first had my back waxed but here’s the bottom line: it stings when the hair is being removed around my shoulder blades. The sting is only momentary and it’s not that painful. I just want to give you a heads up on what to expect!

The next time I went in for my waxing I decided to try a full Brazilian waxing-what was I thinking? Believe me, I was a tad apprehensive. The Brazilian waxing was one of the easiest grooming techniques ever and the best part was there was no pain for me to complain about. It was also one of the most liberating experiences of my life! I felt cleaner and more confident-my lady also loved it! I now go in every month and have my back waxed along with the Brazilian. If you’ve thought about having any waxing done I would highly recommend Miranda. She is a true professional and a pleasure to talk with while getting the ultimate grooming for men!