Your first time can be intimidating.

I mean let’s face it we all have watched the 40 year old virgin or watched some goofy social media video of others trying to wax themselves. Here is the good news… a professional waxing appt is nothing like that!!!! YAY!

Our philosophy is to take our time with clients, share with them what the service is going to look like, and be efficient and thorough to the very end. Clients should come in with at least two weeks of growth. I know, I know it
seems like a long time to let your hair grow.

However, this type of hair removal will allow you to be smooth for a few weeks. So we can shave everyday or every other day or get waxed once a month! The best part too, is that the hairs come in finer and lighter. Ladies, try to come in for a
wax around your cycle time. It can be a little more sensitive for the appt. But, it is still an option
to get waxed if you are on your cycle:)

Your first visit will be a little uncomfortable because the hairs have never been pulled from the root, but once you come in for your first one your second one and so on will be much easier! For best results and more comfort don’t shave in between your waxes. If you do then it’s like starting all over again. And lastly, come in every 4-6 weeks for your appointment. By the third wax you will be telling all your friends to put the razor down and start waxing!!!!